Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I have done so far

What I have done so far has been so amazing and I'm still speechless .....

So .. First up was Skydiving

This was the start of it, I got a call from Brendon from Classic Hit's , He wanted me to go live on air and talk about my Cancer and my bucket list, so when the song finished playing we went live chatting about it and then he went through the Bucket list, I was trying to think what he missed off it , when he told me

He said that 20/20 and Classic hits will be filming and Audio recording me .... When I jump out a the Taupo Tandem Skydiving Plane at 15000 Feet.

So Brendon turned up at my place, and took me to the airport, The guys at TTS are so wicked, friendly and amped!
After a short run through of how things are going to work and so on it was off to the plane, it was a picture perfect day, we got up 15000 feet and jumped... the free fall was such a freaking rush . it is so amazing , the speed {over 200 km/h } ....WICKED .... { I so love speed and that sort of speed is Wicked } and then when the parachute came out, Oh my , it is the second most beautiful sight I have ever seen { the first is Bron :) }
here I was , just cruising down to earth with no clouds around, just a few other jumpers, from up there I could see Napier, Mt Maunganui, lake Rotorua , Mt Eggmont , it was so clear, so still , so amazing.
We landed nice and gently and my first word's were something like , when is the next plane up , I wanna go again .lol

So a Big Big Big Thank You to TAUPO TANDEM SKYDIVING for that wicked experience.

Next was Driving a V8 race car with Formula Challange Racing

This was a supprise for Dad's 65th birthday, Dad & my sister did no know anything about it , so when we blacked out the windows on the car and told them to get in the back, they were a bit worried, He He He.

Anyway's , when we got out there and they realised what was happing, My Brother-in-Law and I dropped another supprise, we jacked it up that Mum would be driving as well.

So we watched a video and suited up , we did 2 laps as a hot lap sort of thing to show corner marker's and breaking marker's , stuff like that.

Then we got into our chosen car's with our driving instructor's and Unleashed on the track. Did a slow lap to get use to it, and the markers , and then faster , faster and faster, it was cool, {but alas, we had done all our lap's } so after we got out and did more media interview stuff , we talked about dong it again sometime, it was so much fun, it was mentioned to the people in charge and we paid some more money and did it again, but the kind people at FCR covered my cost to do it again , it was wicked fun and Lee my instructor was brilliant and helped me improved my lap time buy a lot , Thanks lee and thanks to all the team at Formula Challenge Racing.

More to come tomorow, :)

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