Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Adventure

Hey all,I have to say I have been so slack , keeping this up to date, for that I'm sorry , I no there are so many people out there that have/are supporting me in so many different ways and thank you to you all.

We Had a wonderful wedding and the list of people that helped is super long, The awesome crew at Blomin Flowers did so much work for us , and made the place look amazing, GHQ did a awesome job with the ladies hair and Eson Beauty ( Morrinsville )did a wicked job with the make up.

So , I do not know if you know , But there is Hope for us Melanoma Sufferers, An Ozzy Dr made a drug the targets a certain mutant gene and reverse it, They have done 2 odd years of trails in Oz , and it works amazingly, trails start here in NZ shortly when they get thru all the stupid red tape . But they have to have a control drug, so 50% of the people on the trail will not be getting this Miracle drug, ( thats FREAKEN CRUEL )

Yes I am trying to get onto this trail but If i don't i'll bust my butt to get to Melbourne to get to the clinic......

Another awesome adventure is coming up for me next week, I'm Off Big Game Fishing
Way up in the far north, A place called Houhora ,this adventure has become possible with the generous people at . Douglas Pharmaceuticals. Geoff Lamond and his great offer of the first trip in his new boat "Arenui"
I can not wait to get out there and have a go getting a record Marlin.

I will keep you all up dated on how the trip goes and have some awesome pictures to post too

Chow for now