Friday, September 18, 2009

Yeah , I have been slack not keeping this upto date , Sorry

Hey ya,ll
I must say , sorry for not keeping this up to date as often as i should.

So after a wonderful trip to Denmark and experience the amazing free diving world champs, some real truly crazy people out there :)

The short little stop over in LA was real cool ( apart from some Jet lag for me ) Our Host Carla is a very lovely lady with a huge Potential in free diving , showed Kerian and I a very small part of California , but what we saw was oh so nice, Meeting her friends and other free diving newbe's DeeDee ( oh my goodness, never a dull moment around her, she will have you laughing in 2 seconds, a very funny comic ) and Ben the guy with the awesome Tesla , A very very cool electric car, all very keen new free divers and nice people , it was truly a pleasure to meet you all.
On our last day in LA Kerian wanted to meet up with another friend of his, Linden . ( she's a Mermaid ) true , she is , well thats her job :) , anyways we hit the main part of LA with all the star's on the sidewalk and had heaps of fun just looking at all the People dress up as super hero's and alike ( I tell ya , I never thought i would see a fat Spider man or superman , But i have now , lol )

Landing back in NZ and oh , It was Cold , Wet, Windy , just coming from a place above 25 deg's with no wind into this weather , was not the home coming Kerian and I had planned thats for sure, but I was glade to be home, all I wanted to do was to get up to see my sweet Bronwyn as soon as I could, but since Jet lag had kick my butt once all ready it was best I stayed in wellington for a night before I headed up the island,

So all settled in after the so so wicked trip and would so love to hit the skies again and go somewhere else, but money dose not grow on trees , ( damm it )

Bron and I have started to get the ball rolling more and more for the up and coming wedding ( yes we have a date, but we have to keep something private. yes ) Bron has her dress sorted and we have chosen a place for the ceremony, chosen a guest list ( which is hard to do with limited funds for the wedding we can not have everyone we want to be there ) why dose everything come down to money...... money . money . money .Its Evil i tell ya .

My Bucket list is getting there and I have some really cool stuff to still do , Go Karting with a few of the boys from the Te Puke Club ,Off Shore Power Boating in Tauranga . Blow Karting in Papamoa . and swimming with the sharks at Kelly Tarltons .
just to name a few things coming up , and early next year I'll be going Small Game fishing then.......BIG Game Fishing. Oh yeah I so can not wait for that.

You see all this crap on the news . with people hurting,killing other people, and death from stupid people who can not drive(boy racer's ) , or drink and drive , or do drugs and drive, all this crap you see on the news every day,
But what you do not see is people Helping , Helping other people, and it is so so amazing people I have never meet before in my life, giving up time, resources , just to help, or put a wonderful memory in my head , and be able to do that is a massive deal for me and my loved one's ( like my sweet Bronwyn, my family and close friends )I will never forget what i have been able to experience and for all the amazing people that have helped me, For all of you that do not know, The TV program 20/20 is doing doco with me , about melanoma , my fight with it , and how we no nothing about it until it is to late, this is not right, why do people have to wait until it is to late to find out that something could of been done, if we have more free checks for this , more people will live, if more people know of it , more people can live.
there is so advertising out there about 2 or 3 types of cancer,s . and there is so so so many other cancers that need to voiced, and it is so frustrating that only a couple is publicized on tv and radio.

Do you know that your child , at school, learning so much in the class room, and sitting there , with the sun coming in the windows, and only within minutes can get burnt, get damage skin cells and WHOOMP THERE IT IS , SKIN CANCER, WITHIN MINUTES. what can we do , easy , after our showers in the morning, put on sunscreen, before lunch put more on, There is a clear film we can get from places that do window tinting place's like TINT MAGIC . that is tested and proven to stop 100% uv ray's . we could even put this film on our windscreens of our cars to stop the most common case of eye cancer ( if it was only legal to do so , Its a clear film , why cant we ???? )

Well thats all for now, hopefully my next one will be more exciting to read
Thank you for all the support you are all giving me , I honestly do appreciate it .