Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The trip so far

Sorry it has been a while since I have written something , all this jet setting around
has left my story telling abilities behind. So, first stop Wellington, was a nice drive down, the weather was good and the roads had no dorks on it, so the trip was nice and flowing.
Got to wellington and as usual it was wicked to see my sister and Kerian again, so then it was off to Christchurch for about an hour and we are off, 10 odd hours later we arrive in Singapore , Oh my goodness, The humidity stood up and slapped me in the face, it was about 32 degress and 98% humidity , anyways we figured out how to use the train system ( which New Zealand should take notice off )

Anyways , we walked around Singapore for 2 day's . I never saw any Graffiti, no rubbish in the streets, it was so so clean, we found ourselvs walking into a massive mall, clothing shops, jewelery shops, that sort of thing , it was so so huge we could not believe it, and at one jewelry shop they had a double door system, so you walk past 2 armed gards, who let you in past the first door, then you have to wait to be let into the second door, (we did not go in ) but looking at the massive amount of bling that was there , Daaaaammmm

Most of the people are really helpful and easy to talk to , and they like to bargin so Kerian and I both tried out our skill's and got not a bad deal,

We jumped on the train again and headed to the air port, : Destination... Munich,
When we got to the airport there was time to kill , ( as there allways is ) so we had a look around and the price's there are quite steep, even for food, I was tempted to get some Vodka as they had a 2 for 1 deal on at the duty free shop, but hmmm I had to be strong.
On the plane for our short little 14 hour flight, it was a night flight and both Kerian and i was hoping to get some sleep, so after the real nice dinner and a few vodka's ( which the Luftunsa air line like to serve with nothing else in it ,
We crashed out for a few hours, When we got to Munich we had 30 mins to get through customs and get to our next flight, Destination Copenhagen,

Well walking into the Airport it seamed busy for the time of the day (something like 8 am ) and both of us could not speak a word of Danish , so we looked around and looked around to try and find the train station to take us to here we needed to go , um , we do not read danish either, lol
We got to the info desk and we were saved, the lady spoke English and was really helpful,so , onto the train and away we go again,
We got to the hostel and what alovely lady that ran it, it was part of her house, she had turned the basement into rooms , and a shower and so forth, it was so quiet and real nice, so after un packing and having a shower , .... you guessed it , on tyhe train again , and found our way into town, This place is Wicked, Old building everywhere , real character to them, Something we learned quite quickly was , there is a foot parth, a cycle lane, and then the road, People Cycle everywhere, Old people, young people, People in suit's and ladies in heals, We found some walking only streets and ended up walking along side the canal,and there are people for miles just fulled the streets, and lining the pathway was restaurants, cafes, pub,s. it was a awesome sight to see and experience ,
That night we slept ,and slept and slept, Kerian figured out we are averaging 20 km's per day walking , since we landed in Singapore , so over the 5 odd days we walked a heck of alot , ( My poor old body ) lol
We went to a place called Trivili or something like, Its the world Oldest Theame park . It said on a broucher that it is a life changing experience, um yeah, that was not the case for us, it was not that cool, and stuff me , it was so expensive just to get in, we really did feel ripped off.

Well the next day we got on the plane again headed to Aarhus , where the World Free Diving Comp is,

More to come :)