Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 1 Of FreeDive Comp

Oh my , well I turned up there, and the nerves started to hit me, I just saw myself on the front page of the Dominion Post, then a full page spread inside of it too.

Not long after Bron and I got there my sister and her troop turned up. We all did the safety meeting thing and there everybody got told that 20/20 will be here tomorrow filming, ( because of me )and they all were told of my condition :) ( yay )and yep everyone looked at me , I felt about this big LOL.

So first up is the professionals and they were doing a static {face down in the water not moving, and seeing how long you can hold your breath}

Well not to make me more nervous, the first guy up , did a record 9.03 .....
Wholly moley ,that's so freaking Amazing,

Then the next dude to put more pressure on me was in the Dynamic class with no Fins ( swimming along under the water for as far as possible with no fin's ) well he did an totally amazing 232 meter's , NO WORD OF A LIE, and that was a world record, {but could not be called a world record because NZ dose not have any qualified World record judge's}

Well with all this going around in my head, the ladies had their go, Kathryn did No fin's and bet her own record {she is a world record holder for that class ) and Suzy { after not training for the last 3 odd year's ) did dynamic with fin's and did a new national record.

So here is everybody kicking butt, and my nerve's are about as big as the Statue of Liberty.

Today I was only doing a Static, I really wanted to aim for the 2 min mark, (I have not really trained for this one ) Kerian,(my brother in law ) was my coach. So here we are, in the water with my New Blue Seventy P Zereo 3 Wet suit on, Kerian is giving me a few last words of advice and said to only listen to his voice and try and
R E L A X and enjoy it, All the mean time, there is a time judge shouting out the time left before I Have to be under the water, 2 other judge's just staring at me, and one guy with a dam video camera ( oh I am getting so sick of camera's lol )
Well the time came and away i went, doing a Static, Very exciting stuff really, just face down in the water, relaxing, holding my breath for as long as i can, as the time ticked by I was so so nervous and could not relax, i just could not let myself go into the relaxed state i wanted to be in, and one minute and forty seconds later, that was it, Hmmm not quite the two minutes i was wanting, but that is was i was able to do, well i came out and had to do the surface protocol ( oh my.. how scary . ) 3 judge's. 1 video guy, and everyone else to do with the event just looking at me, hmmm, hello i do not feel very comfortable, so goggle's off, i said im ok, and for 30 more seconds everybody just stared ...... hmmmm what the heck is happening, then the time judge shout's 30 seconds.... and everyone is clapping and congradulating me.
And Tracey one of the judge's said, White card, you are now the new record holder of static with my condition :) how sweet.
I still can not believe how much nerve's played a big part in that , oh my goodness,
what will the next day bring ???


  1. Hi Darryll
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  2. Hi Darryll,

    I don't know if you're aware of the thread running on the forum on the international diving and Freediving website - but there are some folks there who expressed their support of you over there. Being a freediver myself for 7 years I can say it's such a wonderfull complete sport that can give so much. I'm looking forward to hear what you have to say to all of people arround, your experience, insights and wisdom.

    Love, Courage and Water,