Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 2 Of FreeDive Comp

Oh my goddess, if day 1 way bad for nerves today was worse, I had more nerve's than there is spaghetti in Italy, I was crapping myself, I was first up out of the Recky group, Ok i can handle that, but when your in the water, looking down the lane, and all the judge's , camera people, 2020 camera person, Bronwyn, my family, sister, Brother in law, and all the people to do with the comp, LOOKING AT ME , why me, it's just me, Yeah ok, i know, my mission to get my message out about the killer cancer.

so here I was trying to calm myself for the dive, I aimed for a dive of 75 metres, something i have never done before, I had hit the 50 mark a dozen times , but nothing further, so this was my goal, I was going to nail the 75mtr mark and show it who is boss, Well the time judge called 1 minute, and i was so shaking , Kerian, got my attention and reminded me to put my goggles on, and to breath deep and slow, the 20 second call came and i emptied my lungs, and slowly started to fill them up . breathing in slowly and in control, trying to get as much in my little lungs as i could. 5 4 3 2 1 Official time started I now had 10 seconds to be underwater, Oh Crap, I took my last gulp of air, and went for if, To the bottom of the pool I went, arm's stretched out and trying to make my body as streamlined as I could, It felt like it took such a long time to do the first 25 metres, I got to the end , Turned around and headed back, I felt good, really good, and this time the time did not seam to take to long, I did the 50, now im turning and it was a struggle to turn, I wasted alot of energy turning , I pushed off again, Now into the distance I have not been before, That was it I felt like I had to come up, so I did , I was Short of what I wanted to do, But I had been further than what I had every been before, by 7 mtr's. I popped up at the side of the pool and OH My GOODNESS, There was everyone, Staring at me, How scary is this, Kerian Told me to breath, take my goggles off, breath and do the ok protocol , which I did, Everyone still just staring, Nothing was said, it felt like forever for 30 second's to pass.Then The Judges gave me a White Card ( a Pass ) and then it when loud, charing, Clapping People coming from all sides to congratulate me, Then Tracey the Judge said Congradulation's I am the Only and First person they know of who has swam that far with my condition, ( I have my own Record ) How cool is that,
I looked around and saw my sweet Bron standing there with a huge smile on her face , and i felt a tear in my eye, i was so happy she was smiling and I could she how proud she was of me, Joy my sister was next that came into view, with a big as smile on her face, then Kerian ,my nephew Kyle, then my parents , and then my new friends I had made at the comp, I was totally blown away,

I feel so so lucky to have all these wonderful people in my life , and everyday , another wonderful person pop's into my life, I am so blessed
Thank you so so much to everyone

Stay tuned for the next Adventure

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  1. Hi there Darrell we have been following your story and the things you have been doing. We are taupo locals and are going to be in Aussie on the day you go for your ride with Craig Lowndes, and if possible would like to know more about this as we would like to come and watch you do this we are Lowndes fans too. If you are able to tell us what time ths will take place then we would see you there

    Thanks Heaps Toni