Monday, July 13, 2009

Post Freedive Comp and Pre Craig Lowndes Meeting

Well the Comp is over, and oh my goodness, My little story has started to go around the freedive world, I have had a huge amount of freediver's contacting me, what a wicked bunch of people they are, yes you , you know who you are, And a Huge thank you to Blue Seventy for providing me with the swim suit and swim skin (T shirt's, Gear Bag ) And to Central Freedive (spearfishing and freediving school )

Well here is a snippet from Scoop about the comp

Kiwi Freedivers smash National and World records

Kiwi Freedivers competing at this weekends Wellington Winter Champs hosted by Lazy Seals freediving club at Porirua Aquatic Centre, Wow'd the crowd with sensational performances, including 2 that exceed the current world records.

Guy Brew, current national record holder for Static Apnea, extended that record, his 3rd in a row to 9min 4 seconds from 8:47s, Suzy Osler a former NZ record holder who returned to the sport in May of this year after a 4 year break, set a new 'Dynamic With Fins' National Record of 188m. Osler, who is sponsored by BlueSeventy, celebrated her new record saying " I'm back!"

Dave Mullins, current world record holder in 'Dynamic No fins' at 213m - made a clean exit from a 232m dive, setting a new National record, and Kathryn McPhee, also the current womens world record holder in 'Dynamic No Fins' at 151m, exited her dive at 152m. While both of these dives exceed the current world records, they only qualify for National record status, as the judges present at the competition are not able to ratify World records...................

Like wow , how impressive is that, Imagine being there, watching these amazing athletes actually doing this, I was so so amazed and blown away, you really have to be there to believe it .

So this weekend I'm off to meet V8 Supercar Legend.... Craig Lowndes .
Now, if you remember when I read the letter out on air, after driving the Team Huka Honda Racing Ford Falcon around the Taupo Motorsport Park. I screamed, (yup I screamed,) I was having problems reading the letter as my mouth dried up and I got a lump in my throat, How Excited was I , How Excited Am I . Im still buzzing, and can not wait to get to the Queensland Raceway on Monday to meet the legend and get taken for a mega blast around the track, It's not very often you get to meet legend's and for the lovely people that arranged this opportunity , I can not thank you enough.
so I'm scrounging up as much money as I can, to get some memorabilia and have it signed. Big Thank You to everyone that has helped with this journey.

If anyone out there wish's to talk more about melanoma or a mole they might have and wish to ask questions about it or just a general question , I have started an email account for this,
I look forward to hearing from you , and thank you for your support


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