Sunday, July 5, 2009

Other People

You know, it's hard to remember all the people that have helped me and if I have forgotten to mention you, please forgive me, I do not mean to offend you .

Well when I was a rug rat, growing up, doing what little kid's do, sometimes I think I dreamed about what did I want to be ???? A Fireman, driving the big shinny red truck, putting out fire's and saving kittens stuck in the tree's.
Or a Policeman, Chasing down the bad people, and arresting them, or a fighter pilot or a space man
or a Racing car driver, { hmmm the good old day's when dreaming was free and your imagination ran wild and free} why do we not think or dream this way anymore. I feel we Have to conform, we have to do this we have to do that, why can't we do the things that make's us happy all the time, some people do and they are lucky, but in my opinion 90% of us do not.

As we grow up we have Hero's, we all do most are fictional and they give us some sense of hope , hope that there will be something better, ( oh the teenage years ) lol

Anyway I have had a good childhood, I was able to do lot of the thing I wanted to do, the sport I want to do and so forth, my parents always did the best they could to make sure I was happy and had fun, and I did, I did have fun, and I did do the sport's and so forth as I wanted.
Their support has not stopped, Im old now {35 }and they still do support me, Thank you for that.

My other parents { my in law's to be } have been very supportive in many ways to and I cannot thank them enough either,

My Sister and Brother in law , you both have helped me in so many ways and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Sister and Brother In Law Thank you both.

My Ex Boss Steve, now this dude helped me after I had my radiation, He sent me to his naturopath
in Hamilton, Twice, and took care of all the medication I needed too, This helped me so much and brought more of a balance to me, I felt better in my body, mind and felt more energized .Once again Steve , thank you so much .

What will I write about next, stay tuned, Im have to be at the Radio Station at @ 7.30 , Oh my goodness. I so need my beauty Sleep ,

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