Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I have done so far.... Part 3

A Huge thank you to Team Huka Honda Racing. Kylie and Glen Clarke.

These wonderful people let me loose in their NZV8 Series Ford

Did they really know what they where doing, letting me drive this beast of a race car around the full Taupo Motorsport Race Track,

I honestly do not think they new how excited I was and how much I like speed.

Well I turned up, only to find that 3 out of the four people there I actually knew,

Kylie and her sister Tracey and a rat bag named Mark, lol { he's a good bugga really } and Glen who I had not meet before , so we looked around the car and went over a few thing's, had a few laughs and some old time joke's.

It was really cool just hanging out with wicked, friendly people,It was time to suit up , put the helmet on and get down to business, { sweeeeettttt }. After climbing through and around the roll cage, we went to put the harness on, just to find out , somebody { Mark} put it in the wrong way, Lol so with that all sorted Glen took me for a few lap's and showed me the line's and breaking point's and how fast this beast could go.

After that , we swapped seat's started up the mighty Ford again, and I drove us out, did a slow lap to get the feel of things, markers and so forth, then started to put the power on, Well, um do you really want to know what happened ?????

So coming off pit straight breaking for the first corner turned in and powered on, still being a little cautious the first lap went ok, .. getting more courage and pushing harder on the second lap, the first corner was ok, went a bit late with breaking and ran a little wide, next corner same thing, and coming into turn 3 , well , um yeah, to fast into the corner and the back came around to meet the front , lol I kept it on the track and just spun 180 degrees.

Yahoo we are off again, getting my confidence up finishing off that lap, going along Pit straight again, turning into turn 1, a bit wide , power down again coming up to turn 2, was not far enough to the left, braked late and the car did not glide around the corner, it was messy, up to turn's 3 and 4 still missing brake marker's, car was not on the correct line coming up to turn 5, I was carrying to much speed into the corner, I tried to brake and turn at the same time, and then all of a sudden , the beautiful clean Team Huka Honda racing Ford Falcon went off the track, onto the grass and ending up buried in the kitty litter.

My heart stopped, my mouth was dry, I was thinking “oh no, how much damage have I done, is the front splitter , the side skirts, rear diffuser, brake's , suspension, air intakes” , all this started to run around in my head, and I felt bad, real bad, I have damaged someone else's baby, someone else's racing car, my heart , just about stopped, Then Glen said , You Alright???? I was alright , but worried about the car, He said ‘no prob’, we'll get it towed out and give it a clean out, check for damage and go out again. I was amazed how calm and relaxed Glen was about this , { I would have been rather peeved if it was my car , just goes to show you what sort of a wicked person Glen is }

Along came the Taupo Motorsport Park ute to tow us out , well there was a few joke's being made, as he saw it all happen , we dug the car out , got her back onto the track and Glen drove back to Pit lane. I must say , there sure was a lot of kitty litter in the car, Glen and Mark went over the car and cleaned it up, meanwhile I was being video interviewed by my sister { for

20/20 } about my off, making me feel worse. Then I was informed , that the car has NEVER been off into the Kitty litter before, which just boosted my spirits big time! Glen said he was saying , brake, brake, brake, BRAKE!!, but with all the excitement, noise, and concentrating so much I did not hear him, I still can not say sorry enough for that!

But Now I have a lovely Certificate for ‘Excellence in taking the Team Huka Honda Racing Ford Falcon off the Track and into the kitty litter ‘, { thanks Kylie and Glen }

Well , the car was ready again to go out, we got some hand signals sorted out for Glens instructions to me and we are off again, first lap slow again, so re-learn the track, then faster and faster , between Glens hand signals and the power and handling of the car we where doing wicked, the car and I were not fighting like in the first session and it was so smooth, and so much fun, I was so buzzing,

I can not thank Kylie and Glen from team Huka Honda Racing enough for the wicked experience……You guys rock!!!!

Well at the end of it, Brendon from Classic Hits was there and asked a few question about the day, then asked Glen how he thought how I went. After that Brendon handed me an envelope and asked me to read the letter inside,

Wow , I opened it, My mouth went dry, I found it hard to read the word's written on the page….........

It was a letter from Craig Lowndes, inviting me to come for a hot lap with him, More to come on that.

Team Huka Honda Racing.. Thank you all so much, I can not wait to catch up with you all again

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  1. Loved it my heart was racing with you lol. Glad you had a great day, keep it coming. Love reading all about it, makes me feel like i'm not missing out :)Vaughan will be so jealous!!