Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where I Get my Strength From

Where I Get my Strength From

We All know the saying, …..Behind a great man,, is an awesome Woman,
I have no problem saying I believe this.

In all situations we need support, in everything we do , we need support, and in so many way's.
Myself, I have needed a lot of support, and without my special , lovely and Amazing Bronwyn
I honestly do not think I would be here today, She has been more than my “Rock” since I meet her she has been to 2 operation's (the first only after meeting me 2-3 weeks before) all the scan's and Oncology appointments and the dreaded radiation.

It is truly heart warming to have such an amazing person by my side with all of this happening and her strength to keep me going, I can never thank you enough Bronwyn, I love you so so much.

So , what is it like for her, Being there for me with all of that crap going on, my Bad mood's . me being a pig head, arrogant , grumpy, and sometimes nice and loving, it must be so hard for someone to handle all that and still smile every time I look at her, What an amazing Person you are.

But now the card is on the other hand, believe this , “ I HAVE A EASY RUN NOW “ yeah I do . I am dying yes, it might be painful for me, it might be so horrible for me, I may just go quick, or live for 50 years more ...we do not know yet.
But what I know is, I have to be there for her now, she does not have to be strong for me, I have to be strong for her, People are allowed to cry , Bronwyn is allowed to cry , my sister is allowed to, my parents, bron's parents , my brother in law's , my friends , and You are allowed to cry , even in front of me.
People do not need to be strong for me , I want to be strong for them, , so please feel free to be sad, please feel free to say what's on your mind, there is no need to be quiet around me, and yes ask any question you want.

So people that talk to people that know me, please do not say , you have to be strong for Darrell
I ( Darrell ) has to be there and support you, and especially my sweet Bronwyn.

Thank you all for reading my little story , and hopefully Bron might do one or two little blog's to tell her side of it.

Stay tuned


  1. God damn little made me cry!!

  2. I found your blog via the Dominion Post, and admire what you're doing, and wish you the best.
    My brother had a malignant melanoma when he was 17, and thought it was scary and he lost a huge chunk of his back, he was not lost in the system, and 25 years on is okay.
    I am considered high-risk because of my brother's history, my own red hair and fair skin. Have had a few moles removed, but thankfully okay.
    It so sucks that you were lost in the system, and that this must happen to you, but my Goodness, you are making the most of it.
    Maybe Aussies are more aware of it - my mother spotted my brother's mole, and although specialist dismissed it, said he would remove it anyway since she was so worried.
    Hugs to your love as well. I am sure she is on her own journey and in need of support.

  3. Having melanoma in our family, I really relate to your journey. And I admire your strength and kick-arse attitude. To go out there and enjoy life is a wonderful way to deal with cancer, and I wish you as much quality time as possible with Bronwyn to achieve your goals.

  4. I too found your blog via the Dominion Post. It sucks that you got lost in the system, not once but twice, totally sucks. I see you've got big game fishing on your bucket list, I've sent a link to your blog to Rick Pollock, he does fishing charters out of Whakatane on his awesome boat Pursuit. Hopefully he'll come to the party for you.
    Hugs to you, Bronwyn and your extended families.
    For Bronwyn, for future reference, I found a great online support group for widowed folks many years ago after being widowed myself,
    she would be made welcome, even now, before the event. Once again, I think this sucks, I hate cancer!!!